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These brushes revolutionize the world of long-line pinstriping. They hold more paint and lay down longer, more consistent fine lines second to no other brushes. The hair is a blend of synthetic and natural fibers for superb feel and resiliency. Steve Kafka endorses these brushes with his signature on the handle.

This series of longliner brushes was designed to run consistent, long lines with greater line quality and control. The handles were left long so they may be trimmed to fit inside the web of your hand, or to use as they are. The longliner series has received incredible accolades from all of the top long-line pinstripers in the U.S. Comments like, “The best brush I’ve used in 35 years,” and “All other brushes will be compared to this and not the other way around,” are heard consistently. We proudly offer five sizes of these innovative brushes.

Size 5/0 — The 5/0 is the finest longliner brush available. It will lay pin lines for incredible distances with ease and beautiful line quality. It soon will become the standard for the fine line stripers everywhere.

Size 3/0 — The 3/0 will match any brush currently available for fine line work, but surpasses them all for durability, line quality, and control.

Size 00 — The 00 is probably favored for lines on most cars. Other brands of brushes include the size 00, but when you use our other sizes the reason for us making a variety becomes clear.

Size 0 — The size 0 brush performs all longliner functions as the size 1, just not as heavy. Synthetic and natural hairs are used for long life, line consistency, and control.

Size 1 — Size 1, the largest brush of this series, holds lots of paint and will do over a ¼” (6.4 mm) line with ease. It will also do fine lines with less pressure perfectly.